North Shore First Graders Visit Cradle Of Aviation Museum

First graders from North Shore Schools visiting the Cradle of Aviation Museum.
(Photos courtesy of Heather Liberman)

As part of their Astronomy unit, all first-grade students at the North Shore Schools visited the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The museum was only open to the North Shore first grade classes.

Director of Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), Dr. Carol Smyth, said “The students saw a show in the planetarium and learned

This class of first-graders learned about various jets, such as the Republic PS-504 Thunderjet displayed behind them.

about the night sky which is what led humans long ago to wonder what is beyond Earth. They also looked at constellations, heard stories, and took space steps all while learning astronomy vocabulary. Then, they explored the night sky with our favorite friends from Sesame Street in One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure.”

During the day, the students also visited many of the exhibits in the museum including the Hubble Space Telescope, Contemporary Aviation, Exploring Space, and the Jet Age.

First graders visit and learn about the Grumman Lunar Module LM-13 at the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Thank you to the Cradle of Aviation Museum and all those involved for allowing our North Shore first graders to have such an exciting and educational day of learning about space, the earth, astronomy, and much more.

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