Locust Valley Schools Celebrate Reading On World Read Aloud Day

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergarten student Harrison Speal dressed as a robot on World Read Aloud Day to celebrate his favorite robot book.

Locust Valley High School varsity athletes visited the district’s elementary schools to read stories to the students in recognition of World Read Aloud Day on Feb. 2. The girls varsity track team visited Bayville Intermediate School, boys varsity basketball stopped by Ann MacArthur Primary School, girls varsity basketball read to students at Bayville Primary School and the wrestling team went to Locust Valley Intermediate School. At each school, the athletes split up and read to individual classrooms.

Locust Valley Intermediate School Assistant Principal Adam

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergarten student Alexa Ferraro was all in pink to look like her favorite book character, “Pinkalicious.”

Javidi said students love having the high school athletes as guest readers. “The younger children look up to the varsity athletes and were excited to have them in our building,” he said. “The visit reinforces the importance of building connections through reading and shows the elementary school students that our high school athletes also make reading a priority.”

Kindergarten students in Magda Larounis’ class at Ann MacArthur Primary School brought storybooks to life as each young reader chose their favorite book and dressed as the main character of the story. These characters then partnered

The Locust Valley High School girls varsity basketball team visited Bayville Primary School to read the book, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates to each class.
(Photos Courtesy of the Locust Valley Central School District)

with a classmate to read their chosen book aloud. From robots and princesses to superheroes and animals, the entire class celebrated reading.

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