Knitters Noted At Locust Valley Library

Kassie Miller Roth stands beside the display case. (Photo by Dagmar Fors Karppi)

Knitting is the focus of the current exhibit at the Locust Valley Library (LVL). Organized by Locust Valley Garden Club member Kassie Miller Roth, it features work done by the Valley Quilters and Knitters, as well as others.

Miller Roth saw the work of the VQAK group and asked group leader Marie Lamarche to invite them to show their work in the library’s display case. LVL program director Michael Vinas told her, “It’s especially nice that we are featuring things made by the library’s club.” They usually coordinate with the exhibits, displaying books tied to them for patrons to borrow.

Additionally, staff member Lauren Wallach is teaching children to do cross stitch in a February and early March class. Wallach donated two handmade book marks to the display, saying, “I’m so happy to be part of the exhibit.”

The knitted sweater and cap by Beth Sperry Sawyer and the Pink Pig by Marie Lemarche. The Eye of God by Rosalba Panetta Gable is on the top shelf. (Photo by Kassie Miller Roth)

The project started with Miller Roth visiting the homes of Marie Lemarche, Joan Jachetta and Rosalba Panetta Gable to pick up the items. “Rosa had a lovely high tea ready for us when we arrived. A talented woman, she showed us the lovely quilts, bags, and t-shirts she makes,” Miller Roth said. “They are all multi-talented women.”

Rosa donated her very first macramé project. She also made an elaborate woven Eye of God. The Ojo de Dios is made by weaving yarn, usually on a wooden cross. “It is to bring good luck,” Miller Roth said.

A large crocheted shawl made by Panettta Gable  is wrapped around a doll for display, a la Project Runway.

Panetta Gable’s friend, Beth Sperry Sawyer, donated a child’s striped sweater and cap that turned out to be the star of the show.

Joan Jachetta contributed two pairs of colorful knitted slippers for tots. Jachetta started knitting while visiting relatives in California and Oregon. There she knitted shawls and hats for homeless veterans and continues to do so today here in Locust Valley. You can also see her small dolls hanging from a shelf for better visibility.

Marie Lamarche donated several crocheted hats; the pink crocheted tea cups; and a baby bottle tucked into a bootie. “They were made as presents to a new baby: the bottle was filled with money,” she said.

There are several knitting methods shown on one shelf, including some of Marcy Meyer’s knitting needles. There is an antique knitting spool, used to make chains for belts, etc. The pink hoop shown with blue wool is a round knitting loom that you can use to make a hat. Another gadget is for single needle knitting.

Dagmar Fors Karppi contributed two knitted throws made by her mother Ann Eleanor Johnson Fors. When leather was in short supply during World War II, her mother and aunts crocheted fancy pocketbooks out of soutache. She made lots of knitted raglan sleeve sweaters, hats, mittens, slippers and shawls. “Best of all, mother made wonderful layettes for the family’s newborns knitted in the feather and fan design. I wish I still had her instructions for the lovely items”, she added.

Featured on the bottom row of the display is a little pink pig knitted by Marie Lemarche.

The LVQAK meet on Fridays from 1 to 3 p.m., in the Community Room. You are welcome to bring a project or come for inspiration. Lamarche will help get you started.

Contact President Dean Yoder at if you are interested in learning about gardening and the LVGC.

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