Ella’s Boutique & AquaBrasil In Glen Head

Left to right: Deborah Orgel-Gordon, NSBN Founder; Bruna Tembelis of Ella’s Boutique & AquaBrasil; Gracie Donaldson, NSBN Promotions Manager. (Photo courtesy of Northshore Biz Network)

After a series of pandemic-related delays in 2020, Bruna Tembelis was able to open AquaBrasil Boutique in Glen Head, a brick-and-mortar store with the intent of selling her own line of artisan jewelry, as well as establishing a one-stop-shop featuring women and children’s clothing as well as gifts.

“From the beginning, everything happened really quickly,” Tembelis said. “It was my dream to have a physical store but had no time to make any changes.”

In 2021, Tembelis decided to go forward making changes with the alternative store name she conceptualized in the first place, Ella’s Boutique — as a tribute to her two daughters, Maryella and Ariella.  She was hesitant to change the name initially during the height of the pandemic, but then decided to move forward.

“When I felt I was more comfortable in the community, I decided to make the change,” Tembelis explained.

The new shop, Ella’s Boutique, carries numerous American-made products, including goods handcrafted by local artisans. Specialty items for women and children fill its shelves.

“I was looking for new items and to work with a lot of American brands,” Tembelis said. “I’m always looking for ‘new.’”

However, Tembelis still carries AquaBrasil brand items, including jewelry she creates herself — and some of the AquaBrasil brand pieces are with all-natural fair-trade gemstones from Brazil. Online, Tembelis advertises the AquaBrasil brand separately from the brick-and-mortar Ella’s Boutique. She also still hosts pop-up shops at craft fairs and artisan markets locally.

With regard to the rebrand, Tembelis’ clientele has responded positively.

“I’m very grateful!” she said. “Clients have been loyal since day one. People walk in and say, ‘oh my goodness, you’re still here!’ It’s a good thing that they’re afraid that I’m gone. They’re the ones keeping me going, and I cannot thank the community enough. I felt in my heart that the change would be best for the business.”

Tembelis has truly embraced the community as her family, as her blood family members live in Brazil as well as in Spain. She has even brought her older daughter, Maryella, into the business, as she works at Ella’s Boutique on Sundays.

“We’ve been in Glen Cove for five years,” Tembelis said. “It’s where I felt at home. My favorite part of the community is that everyone tries to help each other out. My clients became family and friends. We talk about our families. I love that small-town feel.”

In the community, Tembelis is a member of North Shore Biz Network as well as the Gold Coast Business Association and the North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

With regard to future plans, Tembelis hopes to advertise more in surrounding areas, as Glen Head sits in the middle of the more well-known neighborhoods of Glen Cove and Old Brookville.

“I hope people don’t forget to shop local,” she said.

In giving advice to other business owners dealing with the pandemic or rebranding, Tembelis advises the following: “In a business you have to be creative. Business is up and down. You can’t predict, and have to go with the flow and adjust yourself to what is happening. If I have an idea, I just do it. I feel it in my heart.”

Ella’s Boutique and AquaBrasil is located on 683 Glen Cove Ave., and you can view her store online at www.ellasny.shop. If you want to keep updated on Tembelis’ store, you can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ellasny.shop and on Instagram at @ellasny.shop. Tembelis can be contacted at ellasny.shop@gmail.com.

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