Letter To The Editor: Another Year, Another School Budget Increase


Another year and another $1,539,834 increase of 2.62 percent from last year’s [school] budget equates to $60,288,101. Over the past three years the budget has increased by $3,985,778, which is staggering especially  when the enrollment has decreased from 1,600 to 1,558 for grades K–12.  

It is unconscionable that the administrators and board members have the audacity to increase spending instead of finding ways to reduce costs especially during the financial disruption facing our nation. People lost jobs, can’t pay rent, can’t provide food. 

My grandchildren both attend Villanova University and a letter was sent to the parents outlining the measures they are taking to mitigate costs. No salary increases; staff and administrators are taking a 10 percent reduction;  contributions to retirement [have been] reduced by 20 percent; freeze hiring; reduce overall costs. They are to be commended for showing fiscal restraints. Obviously, this district ignores cost reductions and savings.  

Propositions: “No Additional Cost to Taxpayer” this is misleading as we have already provided the funding from the previous year’s budgets excess funds which were transferred into reserve accounts.

It appears that [resident] Darren Gerbosi would be an asset to the board as his comments reflected an educated balance of logical and responsible spending to keep attuned to students and community needs. 

I am pleading with the entire community to stand up to this School Board and VOTE NO and request that a revised REDUCED budget be submitted.   

—Grace Searby, Oyster Bay Resident

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