Jackson Palmer: Spelling Bee Champion

Locust Valley Central School District Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator David Ethé, eighth-grader Jackson Palmer, seventh-grader Sophia DelGiudice and Locust Valley Middle School Assistant Principal Michael LoGerfo.

Tension was high in the middle school auditorium as the clock ticked down to the end of the school day. Participants in the annual spelling bee kept spelling every word correctly. Starting with 44 contestants at the beginning of eighth period on Dec. 8, five were left as the end of ninth period drew close. Slowly, challenging words finally left two competitors on the stage to battle it out for the title of spelling bee champion.

Eighth-grader Jackson Palmer held on for the win and claimed the title, with seventh-grader Sophia DelGiudice placing second as runner-up. Both students were poised and confident throughout the competition, rattling off the letters in each word without any hesitation.

Students qualified for the schoolwide spelling bee by winning the spelling bees in their individual classrooms. Palmer will now go on to Hofstra University for the next level of the spelling bee competition.

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