Young Scientists Share Discoveries At Fair

Science Fair Winners (Photo by Tom Gould)
Science Fair Winners (Photo by Tom Gould)

The Oyster Bay High School Middle School held its annual Science Fair. The school-wide winners are:

In third place, with a unique experiment with pain tolerance, Noah Rudnet.

In second place, with an elegant method of determining pollution emissions entitled Emissions Commissions, Brigid McEvoy.

The people’s choice winner of 2016 is Olivia Silver for her project “Placebo.”

The Award for Most Innovative project goes to a study of thermal energy movement—it involved building a model house and experimenting with various insulators using a thermal camera—Riya Gupta.

The first place winner, with an experiment in gap voltage, for a project entitled Small Lightening, Rachel Kowalsky.

The winning students advanced to the next level at the Nassau County Science Fair which was held on June 5 at Lynbrook High School. Results will follow in an upcoming issue of the Enterprise-Pilot..

Winners were also chosen for individual classes. They include:

Period 2: 1st—Can we recycle old seeds?—Miriam Coor; 2nd—How do different light sources affect bacterial growth—Francesca Castellano; 3rd—The effects of nail polish—Kayleigh Wieboldt

Period 3: 1st—Does color affect how well you remember something?—Alexia Aasheim; 2nd—Red or White: Is there a Difference?—Emma Guarini; 3rd—Distracted Driving—Evan Furman

Period 5: 1st—Can you move a car with a rope and a stick?—John Tiberia; 2nd—Bacteria Growth—Marco Gagliardi and Lucas Nola; 3rd—Room Temperature vs Cold Temperature—Olivia Schall

Period 6: 1st—Keeping Flowers Fresh—Alex Hayes and Skylar McEvoy; 2nd—5 Second Rule: True or False—Aidan Rainey; 3rd—To Chew or Not to Chew—Grace Scamell

Period 8: 1st—Amount of Leaf Pigments—Nick Tardugno and Connor Wick; 2nd—Can a Hydroelectric Generator power a lighted Buoy?—Manolo Panariello; 3rd—The Effect of Music on Heart Rate—Demi Tsiopsias

Period 9: 1st—Does Surface Temperature Affect Speed?—Tucker Corwen and Preston Rosh; 2nd—The Great Bacteria Massacre—Anthony Direnzo; 3rd—Melatonin—Lauren Swezey


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