Animal Trapping Cruelty



New York may soon pass disturbing legislation, S.2953c/A.9462a, which would dismantle our longstanding ban on cruel and dangerous cable restraint traps in order to kill coyotes and other wildlife throughout the state.

Let’s be clear, these contraptions, euphemistically called “live cable restraints,” are touted by special interest groups as being a gentle alternative to the traditionally indiscriminate snare, but that is not the case. These brutal devices are being falsely promoted as a way to “humanely” and “effectively” catch wildlife, but instead, they slowly cut into animals as they struggle to break free, causing enormous and undue suffering.

There is no need to repeal the ban on snares, which has been in place for decades. This bill could be up for a vote very soon, so New York residents need to contact their state lawmakers and ask them to oppose this ill-conceived legislation. We as a nation are embracing a higher level of humane consciousness regarding animal welfare. Why should New York State regress?

—JoAnn Winkhart

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