Letter: Vote Yes On Bond Proposals


There is no good excuse for any gap or failure in the security of our children. For whatever the gap or failure was in the September incident that triggered the current and appropriate focus on greater security to our schools, this community—and our children—have been given the benefit of a second chance to make it better, to make things even the tiniest bit safer, an invaluable opportunity that many other communities across our country have not had.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident back in September, our parents and residents and school personnel demanded a better way, a safer way—taking that valued second chance to in fact make things better and safer. Our school administration—led by two dedicated and thoughtful men (Todd Cronin and John McEvoy)—jumped right into the difficult fray and made reasoned and measured decisions, resulting in the very responsible proposals of the security bond now before our community.

Will any measure—whatever it is—completely eliminate the madness of a person intent on furthering madness? No. But, to make no better effort and to make no improvement to what we had in place before the reality of the incident this community was fortunate enough to avoid would, in a sense, be adding to it.

Let us know that, while we can’t assure the deterrence of one insistent on not being deterred, this great OB-EN community did what we could do—and that we in fact took advantage of the second chance that those who so painfully suffered loss in other communities never had.

Please vote YES on BOTH bond proposals this Thursday, Dec. 17, (the additional proposal is for very long overdue capital improvements to the music and arts wing of the high school).

A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

—Rob Brusca

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