Town Breaks Ground At New Education Annex At Historic Raynham Hall


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilwoman Michele Johnson and State Senator Carl Marcellino joined today with members of the Raynham Hall Museum to celebrate the groundbreaking of a new Education Annex, which will allow the museum to extend the public’s access to local history during the Revolutionary War.

“The preservation of our history and the ability to educate our children on the past is so incredibly important in the Town of Oyster Bay and we are blessed with historical treasures such as the Raynham Hall Museum,” stated Supervisor Saladino. “Raynham Hall is visited by thousands of students each year, often as part of their studies on the Revolutionary War. I am proud to assist Raynham Hall with their efforts and do our small part to ensuring the preservation of our local history.”

At Raynham Hall Museum, visitors who step through the doors feel like they have actually gone back in time to nearly 300 years ago, to an important time in our nation’s history.  The museum currently hosts informative guided tours where visitors learn about Robert Townsend, the most valuable member of George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring, who called Raynham Hall home.  The Hall is also home to America’s first Valentine.  With the addition of the new Education Annex, the museum’s preservation efforts will continue, and allow museum operators to educate the general public in ways they could not before.

“This new addition will enhance the overall experience for all visitors and open Raynham Hall to larger groups and programs,” Councilwoman Johnson said. “I’m so happy to celebrate this groundbreaking as this new Education Annex will only help the museum’s efforts in preserving this important part of our history. The town is proud to be able to help provide a fine facility such as Raynham Hall with the support needed to help maintain and grow such important programs.”

—Submitted by Town of Oyster Bay

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