Training On The Job In Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino joined Councilman Tom Hand (far left), Councilwoman Michele Johnson (second from left), Councilman Lou Imbroto (third from right), and co-owners Ryan Schlotter (second from right) and Gabe Haim (far right) to sign and execute the on-the-job training agreement contract between the town and Oyster Bay Brewing Company to put residents to work, provide on-the-job training and help a local employer continue to grow its operations.

A new On-The-Job Training Program with a local business aimed to return jobs to the community was announced last week by Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilwoman Michele Johnson. Under this program, the town will partner with Oyster Bay Brewing Company for the first round of the training program, as the brewing company is hiring two individuals who will be trained as product sales people, which will ultimately help expand their local business in Oyster Bay’s downtown.

“The Town of Oyster Bay is helping put people to work while assisting employers in growing their business. This new On-The-Job Training Program uses federal funds to connect employers and job seekers, putting underemployed and unemployed people back to work,” said Saladino. “Under terms of this agreement, the Oyster Bay Brewing Company will employ and train two residents, thereby offering them an opportunity to thrive in product sales and ultimately obtain full-time employment.”

The On-The-Job Training Program lasts up to six months, and once training is completed can lead to a permanent position within the company. This program, which is funded by a federal grant, helps provide the knowledge and skills essential to either underemployed or unemployed individuals who are looking to enter an occupation. The Oyster Bay Brewing Company will employ two individuals for the duration of the training, who will be trained as product salespeople, and who will subsequently work on the road, sell the product and ultimately expand a thriving local business.

“From on-the-job training to résumé building and other career services, the Town of Oyster Bay offers residents the opportunity to enhance their marketability and pinpoint employment opportunities,” said Johnson. “This newly executed contract between the Town of Oyster Bay and the Oyster Bay Brewing Company helps put residents to work, provides on-the-job training and helps a local employer continue to grow their operations.”

The Oyster Bay Brewing Company has risen from humble beginnings. Over the last five years, the company has worked to revitalize Oyster Bay hamlet and become a magnet for new businesses and restaurants in the area while tapping into the ever-growing craft beer trend.

For more information about this program and the other services that the town’s Workforce Partnership program offers, call 516-797-4560.

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