Mystery Picture: October 23, 2012


Gregory Adami Knows Oyster Bay

Gregory Adami called about the mystery picture in the Oct. 19 issue of the Enterprise Pilot. He said, “I have the same exact shot that this person has so I knew it. I’ve taken the Mill Pond in Oyster Bay. The person is standing on West Main Street taking the shot. The good old Mill Pond. I’ve gone fishing there. In the ‘80s I lived off Lake Avenue and caught little brown trout, tiny little ones.” 

The DEC stocks it at the beginning of the fishing season on April 1.

Billy Minicozzi, too, recognized the photo as being taken of the Mill Pond. Billy added that the Bayville Fire Department is hosting their Haunted House again this year. He said, “Don’t forget to go to the Haunted House in Bayville. We did very well there on Saturday, Oct. 13.”

Frances Raymond, who used to write the DBSC Newsline column, called and said, “It’s the Mill Pond. When you drive by in the fall when the leaves are falling, don’t miss it, the foliage is gorgeous.”

Preston Rosh of East Norwich called and said, “The mystery picture is the pond near the Theodore Roosevelt School. We passed it on the way going to my birthday party in Bayville.” Preston said he is 9 years old. “We went to the Scream Park with my family and a few kids and had fun.”

Bill McNamara called and gave the perfect explanation. He said, “The mystery picture is of the Mill Pond because you can see the cell tower, all the way in the back, that is located in the town yard.” That yard is on Lake Avenue, and Mr. McNamara has nailed it.

Leven Ashby of Hampton, Virginia added his comment by email, “It’s a photo of the Mill Pond.”

Virginia Slutter too, recognized the photograph of the Mill Pond and said so while chatting at Susan Peterson’s birthday party/new office opening for A-1 Resumes.

The photograph was submitted by Keith Kowalsky, inventor and former Oyster Bay-East Norwich school board member.

Now that is a fun and varied group of people who all know Oyster Bay. Thank you all for calling in to answer the mystery picture.                

— DFK.

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