Editorial: September 11 Memorial Ceremonies Held Shore to Shore in Oyster Bay


We are lucky to be living in a great town and a great township. This year again there were two events memorializing September 11 – we had shore to shore coverage for families and friends of those lost that day.

“The town’s September 11 memorial is situated on the bay side of Tobay Beach, where there is a direct line of sight to where the Twin Towers once stood,” Supervisor Venditto said. “It provides a serene and peaceful surrounding, making it a fitting backdrop for a place of remembrance.”


The town’s memorial monument is inscribed with the names of Town of Oyster Bay residents lost on September 11, 2001. The memorial also features a steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center, which is positioned in the direct line of sight where the Twin Towers once stood.

He said the Thursday, Sept. 10 ceremony was to honor the memory of our loved ones who were lost in the September 11 tragedy. While it was a solemn time, it also provided a great opportunity for us to pay tribute and memorialize our loved ones who were taken from us too soon,” Supervisor Venditto concluded.

Enough cannot be said to comfort those who lost a loved family member or friend. We are all less for the loss – but in some cases – like the Brooke Jackman Foundation and the Tuesday’s Children organization and the many fundraisers held across Long Island for in many cases scholarships for the survivor’s children – the country has benefited by honoring those lost – a beacon of hope and a demonstration of the value of living in an open and free society.

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